E.N.D. Program



The Courts in Terrebonne Parish are inundated with criminal cases.  The drug laws in this Parish are strongly enforced by the local law enforcement agencies, the District Attorney's Office, and the Courts.  Despite this vigorous enforcement of the drug laws, the drug problem continues to grow.  Thirty (30) years ago people were sent to jail as much as fifteen (15) years at hard labor for the possession of a small amount of marijuana.  However, severe jail time nor much else has been successful in curbing the drug problem.  The jails are laden with hardcore criminals along with salvageable prisoners.  The prison system is designed to punish and rehabilitate so that each prisoner released can become a productive part of society.  this system has failed and will continue to do so without alternative methods of prosecution and adequate financing  to meet the needs of a continually  growing criminal population.  Futhermore, drug afflicted prisoners receive little or no drug treatment.  therefore, alternative methods much be explored to alleviate prison over-crowding to make sure there is room for the hard core criminals and to treat and educate drug abusers in an effort to prevent repeat offenders.  Prisons are full of drug offenders who receive little or no drug treatment.  Recent studies show 80% of those persons in jails or prisons have a substance abuse problem.


The plan proposed for Terrebonne Parish is titled Extensive Narcotics Diversion Program (END).  END is an alternative method of prosecution.  There is a segment of society that can be treated with the expectations of never seeing them back in the criminal system. 


END is a unique program designed to provide qualified first time drug offenders an opportunity to become drug free or face severe criminal consequences. 


Not all drug offenders will be eligible for consideration.  Defendants who, in addition to drug violations, are charged with molestation, crimes of violence, or armed robbery, for example, should not be considered.  The program should work with law enforcement personnel to ensure that those who are drug distributors, rather than solely addicts, are excluded from Drug Court Program. 


These factors are to be considered in determining whether or not an individual is eligible for the program.
1.  Age
2.  First offense drug possession
3.  Low to medium risk assessment (i.e. A good candidate to be successful to complete programs.)
4.  Has a volunteer sponsor to report to .  (Narcotics Anonymous and/or Alcoholics Anonymous.)
5.  Residency (within the Parishes of Terrebonne, Lafourche, St. Mary, St. Charles, and Assumption)
6.  Nature and facts of the crime (See:  Ineligibility)
7.  Severity of the crime (See:  Ineligibility)
8.  Prior criminal records (See: Ineligibility)
9.  Arrest Warrants (outstanding/pending)
10.  Previous diversions
11. Whether the D.A. or his authorized representative(s) think that the defendant is a good candidate for the Drug Court Program
Once it is determined that the defendant is a candidate and the defendant agrees, the defendant is then subjected to a drug test and a psychological screening test.  All tests are at defendant's cost.  Once testing is complete, the D.A. or his authorized representative(s) would be presented with the results of the tests and the defendant's criminal records.  THEN the final decision is made as to the defendant's eligibility for the Drug Program within 14 days or prior to arraignment. 


1.  If the present charge is distribution of drugs
2.  Violation of the Drug Free Zone statute
3.  Only one change to select program
4.  Non-residents of the following Parishes:  (St. Charles, Assumption, Terrebonne, Lafourche, and St. Mary)
5.  Prior or current charge of a crime of violence as defined in LRS. 14:2 (13) an/or repeat sex offender
6.  Any crime that a weapon is involved
To participate in the END Program, you must sign up within 14 days but no later than your arraignment date.  Due to qualifications this program is offered ONLY ONCE.  Contact person for the END Program is Glenn Bourgeois of District Attorney Joseph L. Waitz, Jr.'s Office.  Additional information will be provided at the time of contact.
Glenn Bourgeois
END Coordinator
118 Armour Dr.
Houma, LA 70364
Phone:  985-873-6868
Fax:  985-850-4607
Email: glennbourgeois@tpda.org