Legal Enrichment and Decision-Making

Crime, one of societies most difficult problems, threatens the safety of and intimidates law abiding citizens whole consuming enormous resources of law enforcement and the judicial system.  As we continue in our fight against crime, it is evident that additional preventive methods of battling crime are necessary.  Education is one such method.  Our youth must be taught that violence solves nothing, but rather it produces a web of consequences often times destroying the lives of many.

Project L.E.A.D., a joint effort of the Terrebonne Parish District Attorney's Office and Terrebonne General Medical Center, in cooperation with the Terrebonne Parish School Board, is designed to help students recognize and analyze potential consequences of the difficult decisions they face during adolescence and beyond.  By focusing on peer pressure, self esteem, and responsibility, Project L.E.A.D. gives students the tools necessary to avoid many of the pitfalls and traps that often lead to delinquent conduct and criminal activity.

As a parent and as your District Attorney, I am committed to the success and education of our youth, and I am extremely grateful to Terrebonne General Medical Center, a distinguished leader in our community , for its sponsorship of this worthy program.  Together we will make a difference. 

Joseph L. Waitz, Jr.
Terrebonne Parish District Attorney